The positive and negative qualities of homers odysseus

Odysseus displays many qualities through-out his journey home, some negative and others positive in “the homecoming,” odysseus reveals his great courage, intelligence, and strength odysseus displays courage in many events throughout “the homecoming. Book 9 shows odysseus positive and negative qualities when he escapes from cyclops cave he showed that he was brave and a great strategist when he poked cyclops eye with pike of olive, he decided not to kill him because if he killed cyclops, he would not be able to get out of the cave. During the long journey, odysseus will show some of his character traits which include his bravery, cleverness, and wisdom that will assist him with the situations he encounters on his journey home bravery was probably one of the traits odysseus was known for best. Odysseus got bitter revenge by killing them all (homer 3,4, 5, and 278) before leaving for troy, odysseus was a different man than he was upon his return, obtaining stern and dishonorable traits throughout his long and miserable journey which in turn, fogged the goodness in his heart. In other words, analyzing odysseus throughout the odyssey, one can see that odysseus is a multifaceted character who displays both strengths and weaknesses the epic hero of the odyssey, odysseus is a fascinating character full of contradictions.

10 odysseus strengths and weaknesses also referred to as ulysses, odysseus is one of the characters in homer’s epic, odyssey and also a protagonist in another greek epic, iliad he was a greek hero, the son of anticlea and laertes, a great leader and eloquent speaker. In the odyssey by homer, odysseus must face many obstacles on his journey he is only able to conquer them because of his wonderful qualities he meets, a cyclopes, sirens, a six-headed monster, a regurgitating whirlpool, and a group of greedy, lovesick men some odysseus's more important qualities. Odysseus’s desire for kleos compels him to reveal his identity, even if it may bring negative consequences for him and his men — stephen holliday the cunning odysseus tricked polyphemus so that while the cyclops thinks he is calling out “noman”, it just sounds like “no man” to the other cyclopes. The men plunder the land and, carried away by greed, stay until the reinforced ranks of the cicones turn on them and attack odysseus and his crew finally escape, having lost six men per ship.

My positive / negative qualities posted on september 25, 2012 by darkknight47 based on the zodiac, my star sign is of the fish (pisces) and most of the attributes and characteristics that fall under this sign are very much reflected in myself. An individual can learn to develop positive qualities over a period of time however, traces of negative traits are commonly observed in human beings and cannot be ignored what is important is that one should learn to strike a balance and constantly strive to instill positive qualities. Chart to compare the good and bad qualities demonstrated by the epic hero, odysseus from the odyssey there is space at the bottom where the student reflects on whether they believe odysseus to be heroic leader he is made out to be.

One positive character trait that odysseus shows with the cyclops situation is his cunning he does this in many ways first, odysseus realized that the cyclops might not be friendly, so he lied. Homer portrays the females in contradictory ways: the characters of athena and eurykleia are given strong, admirable roles while melantho, the sirens and circe are depicted in a much more negative way. Eumaeus, odysseus's trusty swineherd, is reassuring odysseus that the suitors will be punished for their bad behavior, because the gods frown upon mortals who flout the kindness of hospitality justice is a big theme in the odyssey , both among gods and mortals.

The positive and negative qualities of homers odysseus

Homer uses his skill as a playwright, poet, and philosopher to inform the audience of the history, prides, and achievements of the ancient greeks, and, also, to tell of the many values and the multi-faceted culture of the ancient greek caste. One of odysseus’ negative characteristics is that he is stubbornly selfish odysseus act stubbornly selfish in a few ways the first is during the adventure with the cyclops in book 9. Odysseus has both positive and negative qualities, those can either be a good thing, or they could be a burden odysseus is cocky, or hubris after he escaped polyphemus by stabbing his eye, he told polyphemus to “tell them odysseus took your eye.

  • Odysseus, hero of homer's ''the odyssey'' must make it past several obstacles before he gets back home after the trojan war along the way, he manages to find some allies every now and then.
  • Like most epic heroes, odysseus displays both positive and negative characteristics write a well-developed essay about odysseus’ character, arguing that he is either admirable or not you must take a stand on this you may not attempt to argue that he is.

Odysseus: metis is his most important quality odysseus’ most important quality as an epic hero is his metis, a greek word meaning artifice, stratagem, or plan homer even associates odysseus as “polymetis,” or a man of “many turns. Homer calls him odysseus, the equal of zeus in counsel on more than one occasion, which was a fine compliment wb stanford points out that all the princes would have training in eloquence because it was an integral part of their education, and odysseus was just more effective than the others. Positive- he shows outstanding wit by escaping the cyclops by blinding it then hiding on the undersides of the sheep negative- he shows stupidity by shouting his name out to the cyclops when.

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The positive and negative qualities of homers odysseus
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